15th June 2017

Technology Consulting

“A Strategic Guidance to Improve Performance, Innovation, and Efficiency”

Bringing the New

Grouper Consulting is the advisory brand of Grouper Group and Grouper Technology. As a privileged partner, Grouper’s Advisory Services aims to help organisations of any size to reach new levels in their development and competitiveness. Our focus is to empower clients by helping them realize maximized value from all business initiatives. Grouper enables organisations to develop and execute their own unique digital business strategy and roadmap, identifying fresh opportunities to transform their business, conceiving robust and adaptive architectures to support growth, and enabling continuous innovation to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Innovation is the key to outperforming business objective as well as the competition. Innovation itself not only required transforming the business operation but also how customers, suppliers and employees are interacting with each other. Such Digital Transformation cannot be successful without both a strategic vision and deep understanding of how best to leverage IT to support faster innovation, streamline processes, and effect lasting change.

Grouper’s Advisory services provides a complete suite of strategy consulting capabilities to enable a total business transformation across your entire value chain. We help you craft your vision, then guide the process forward to discover newfound efficiencies, greater agility, and the ability to manage organizational change.

Governance Consulting

The strength of Grouper Technology’s Advisory Services is our holistic focus on your entire value chain – understanding the interdependencies among areas and providing a consistent Enterprise Transformation Framework to ensure alignment and drive continuous improvement across the enterprise.

Grouper’s Advisory Services span the entire business lifecycle and encompass people, processes, and technology offerings. So whether you are beginning to plan or are in the midst of implementing a strategy or initiative, Grouper offers strategic clarity, IT/business alignment, process optimization, organization readiness, and governance support.

The art of Transformation

Success in business transformation starts with a simple and actionable digital vision and strategy which some businesses may struggle with getting this first and critical step right. Grouper’s Technology Strategy Advisory Solutions enables the promise of immersive experience and digital business transformation by creating a forward looking and actionable digital strategy and roadmap. Our offerings include:

  • CIO Advisory Workshop


    Before embarking on any digital business initiative, you need a realistic understanding of the opportunities available to you and a solid alignment among all stakeholders regarding business objectives. Our Advisory Workshopa satisfies these needs by facilitating vision definition, providing a reliable sense of what’s possible based on your specific business objectives.

  • Technology Assessment


    Using our Surveyor framework, Grouper works with you to define a specific future state that describes how customer experience, content management, commerce, web, portals, social, mobile, cloud, big data, and gamification technologies and solutions can be leveraged to realize your digital business vision. The process also identifies gaps and provides a roadmap for implementation.