15th June 2017

Sustainability Policy


Grouper Technology Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Grouper Group incorporates Grouper Technology, Grouper Services, Grouper Consulting and Grouper Enterprise Companies. The company is an environment-conscious organisation which not only aims to provide quality business and technology services for its clients, but is also committed to taking appropriate measures for pollution prevention and resources conservation. This policy sets Grouper Group’s environmental and sustainable objectives and allocates responsibilities to every level of management at Grouper Technology, Grouper Services, Grouper Consulting and Grouper Enterprise. The aim of this policy is to secure commitment, review performance and communicate successes whilst encouraging a high level of environmental performance in line with industry expectations and norms. To fulfil the requirements of ISO 14001 Standard, Grouper has the following environmental policy statement which will help ensure a safe environment for our children and future generations:

The Group is committed to complying with all local environmental legislation and continuously seeks to improve its environmental performance.

The management and staff understand and support the Environmental Policy and are committed to continuous improvement of environmental performance by identifying ways to minimize both wastage of natural resources and pollution to the environment.

A “Green Innovator Award” will be presented to employees who devise the most innovative and practical environmental improvement initiatives. These initiatives will be reviewed and included in Grouper’s environmental management program.

Grouper will continuously identify ways to minimize waste arising at source and develop and implement resource and waste management strategies that conform to its Six-R Policy – Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Repair, Refill and Recycle.

Grouper Technology division has identified and implemented practices to optimize energy consumption without affecting the quality of services provided to the Group’s clients worldwide.

Grouper will take appropriate measures to eliminate environmental, occupational and health risks and is prepared to respond to emergencies at all times.

Grouper Group will support purchasing initiatives that are committed to sustainable environmental development, and continuously seek environmentally-friendly products and services that represent genuine value for money. Grouper Technology will encourage and influence the group’s suppliers to take part in its environmental protection initiatives, to understand Grouper’s purchasing policy, and to provide products and services that have the minimum adverse impact on the environment.

Grouper Technology will carry out regular internal education and training programmes at group level, in order to enhance environmental awareness amongst staff. The Technology Group will also actively participate in external environmental activities as well as various training and development programmes to broaden its horizon.

Grouper Technology introduced green strategies for the worldwide Group in order to be more sustainable and have stepped towards measuring the amount of waste/discharge is being created; use of resources, choice of suppliers and many more initiatives. Since the increase in carbon emissions are primarily due to the explosion in internet traffic transitioning information, Grouper Technology have implemented elements of virtualization and cloud computing technologies which have resulted major reduction in Grouper’s carbon footprint. The company will share its environmental protection experience with other organizations in the community, arouse the interest of its stakeholders by explaining Grouper’s environment-conscious philosophy, and seek their cooperation in enhancing their attitude towards environmental matters. Grouper’s sustainability plans have been internationally recognised and Grouper Technology was invited to share their sustainability strategies at various technology summits and IT expositions in Ireland, Europe, MEA and USA.


Sustainability integrates environmental, economic, and social spheres to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The fundamental goal of Grouper Technology sustainability activities is continual improvement in Grouper Group’s sustainability performances as measured by the types and amounts of wastes and discharges, the use of resources and choice of suppliers at group level.