15th June 2017



Supply Chain Transformation of the new Era

Grouper is your trusted Supply Chain Transformation Partner – Transform your Business Process today 

Grouper’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) transformation service is a strategic differentiator that delivers a distinct competitive advantage. Here at Grouper we aim at developing innovative supply chain strategies for organizations and value added solutions focused at achieving profitable growth across the value chain. To win, you need a dynamic supply network that can be rapidly assembled and adjusted to respond to unique consumer requirements. We partner closely with clients in manufacturing, retail and consumer services, transportation, and logistics industries to help our customers achieve specific objectives, as well as in implementing broad transformation programs across their supply chain operations.

By optimizing your supply chain planning, sourcing and procurement, inventory and warehouse management and transportation and supply chain integration, as your partner, Grouper can improve your efficiencies and enhances productivity through optimisation of your value chain from supply chain management planning, sourcing and procurement, inventory and warehouse management to transportation and supply chain integration.

Supply Change Management benefits greatly from the power of data analytics and technology integration enabling to optimise their end-to-end supply chain and harness the power of third platform technologies to collaborate more effectively internally, as well as with clients, channel partners, and vendors. This requires a great deal of reorganisation, process optimisation and a new way of using technology in relation to lead times, stock-keeping, delivery methods and so on. Grouper offers a wide range of Supply Chain Management Technology solutions offering competitive advantage for the organizations to address their client’s increasing demands as well as inventory and logistics cost.

Benefits of Grouper’s Supplier Chain Management

At Grouper we aim to help clients effectively manage their dynamic supply chain ecosystem and drive breakthrough performance. Grouper has in-depth collaborative project experience and with our technology expertise, we deliver our clients the following key achievements:

  • Smarter operation model with more efficient supply chains
  • Manage inventory in motion through an Information driven supply chain
  • Minimise overhead and obsolescence
  • Maximise speed of time-to-market

Supplier Management Acceleration with Advanced Planning and Optimization

Grouper has a specific focus on bringing additional business value, enabling clients to reduce the total cost of delivery. Our Technology Suppler Chain Accelerator model is built around optimisation of the value chain end to end. Grouper covers engineering, purchasing, inbound logistics, manufacturing, outbound logistics, and marketing, sales and ICT service.

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