15th June 2017

Social Responsibility


Grouper’s Corporate Social Responsibility


Believe in alternative thinking

Committed Player | Partner of Excellence | Responsible Employer

As a corporate citizen, we are committed to our clients, employees, and in contributing towards the communities we collaborate with. Grouper is a responsible player towards its employees and continues to be the partner of excellence for clients. Whether its innovation, business transformation, advisory services, research engagements or any other activity that we get involved in, Grouper interacts with its stakeholders and technology partners to analyse the impacts of the tasks and takes responsibility ownership regarding its effect on society.

Grouper makes every attempt so that its research and corporate operations does not affect the future of the society and ecological balance. Good citizenship, also, requires realising self-development and try to participate in development of society and encourage staff, customers and partners to participate in welfare activities. Grouper’s Social Responsibilities are accomplished through:

  • Grouper’s business and partnership strategies.
  • Shaping a connected information oriented society through technology advancements.
  • Reduce our operations impact on the environment to assure sustainability.
  • Active volunteering, Building a culture of giving, and complimentary education to communities.
  • Partnerships with NGOs. Grouper is currently focusing to shape a care foundation in the Middle East.


A corporate Citizen of Planet Earth

Environmental principles:

  • Direct carbon emissions
  • Indirect carbon emissions
  • Green IT

Social principles:

  • Corporate citizenship
  • Health and Safety awareness
  • Local community care
  • Connected society
  • Partnerships with NGOs

Governance principles:

  • Law and regulatory compliance
  • Innovation, research and development
  • NGO Partnership