Partnership with TrandMicro

Grouper Technology is fighting the ransomware and the security threats with TREND MICRO on it’s side.

Expanding Business Opportunity

Trend Micro delivers market-leading security solutions that address three important and expanding business opportunities: User Protection; Hybrid Cloud Security; Network Defense.


On-going Revenue Opportunities

The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which powers our market-leading solutions, contributes to high customer satisfaction, which in turn generates ongoing renewal revenue and new upsell opportunities for Trend Micro complementary solutions.



Trend Micro security solutions provide a valuable and complementary attachment to the sale of a number of different services and other solutions that are already being made by resellers. They can substantially enhance your overall deal size, and there are four key bundling opportunities resellers like you to focus on:

  • Virtualization and Cloud
  • Converged/Integrated Infrastructure
  • Complementary Security Solutions
  • Microsoft Solutions