15th June 2017

ISO 20000

IT Service Management based on ISO IEC 20000

In our current highly demanding market, meeting the needs of the clients is the cornerstone of ensuring business sustainability.

ISO 20000 refers to the implementation and management of quality information technology services. This is achived by IT service providers through people, process and information technology.

An IT Service Management practice based on ISO 20000 offers an established structure for adopting a methodical approach to map business processes s that constantly churn out products which meet the requirements of the clients. The ISO 20000 Service Management System provides a framework to structure IT-related activities with and the interactions of IT technical personnel with business customers and users.

Here at grouper, we offes advisory services to organizations that are willing to pursue an ISO 20000 based process improvement journey. As part of the advisory services, Grouper facilitates service providers to adopt ISO 20000 within their current work environment for the purpose of obtaining key process improvement benefits. This typically involves the following:

  • Setting up of a service management system with design and implementation of an integrated process system using a combination ITIL, CMMI, and 6 Sigma
  • A defined facilitation methodology, that is customized to meet the service providers needs, to understand current organizational process strengths and weakness.
  • Constitution of a process Improvement program in the service provider and managing the same to enabled fulfillment of the objectives
  • Coordination with Registered Certification Bodies (RCB) to accomplish the certification process.