15th June 2017

Green Agenda

Grouper Technology’s Green IT Framework

Grouper Group recognise the importance of reducing its impact on the environment. Grouper Technology has already implemented many green initiatives in support of environmental improvement and sustainable development. The Group has developed a simple set of operational standards in the form of an Environmental and Sustainability Policy in order to make a greater and more co-ordinated approach toward a greener future. Grouper’s Green approach is in line with the company’s compliance tools making the approach recognisable and easy to implement by Management. Carbon emission monitoring is a relatively simple and socially responsible way for businesses to compensate for most of Grouper’s Greenhouse Gas emission and Grouper Technology assists Grouper Group as well as their clients to look for opportunities and avoid or reduce emissions. The table below represents grouper Technology’s Green IT Framework:

Technology Workstations Datacentre ICT Equipment, Power & HA Procurement Governance & Compliance
Practice Mobile Devices Power and High Availability Operations Business Process Management
Attitude Printing Outsourced IT Systems Disposals Supply Chain Management
Metrics Consumables Telecommunications Care Cloud Computing
Policy User Environment Distributed Information Technology Shared services Virtualisation


A Rebalancing Agenda

Unless crucial steps are taken towards saving our shared habitat and biosphere, the world’s ecological system will clash as a result of industrial growth. Here at Grouper Group, green IT is an integral part of our culture, strategy and every decision we make. We are all responsible for working towards an ecosystem that can our future generations’ environmental needs.

Grouper’s environmental efforts are in line with ISO 14001 and entail regular training of our employees on sustainability policies. Download our Green IT Framework

A brighter tomorrow…

Grouper strive toward greening its IT infrastructure and operations by committing to consume goods and services that have a relatively low environmental impact.

Our Technology Group support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and a responsible way of conducting business operations by promoting Green Technologies in the regions where Grouper operates or provides services to clients.