4th November 2014


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[rockthemes_heading bold_color=”#152840″ regular_color=”#56CCC8″ details_color=”#a5a7a8″ bold_text=”ACHIEVEMENTS ” light_text=”FACTS” details_text=”We have a special design and effect for achievements. Add your facts or goals and display them in a smooth way.” heading_font_size=”” html_tag=”h2″ align=”center” use_icon=”yes” border_bottom=”yes” disable_margin=”no” ]
[rockthemes_achievement number_color=”#56CCC8″ text_color=”#787878″ icon_bg_color=”#56CCC8″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_class=”icomoon icomoon-icon-food2″ icon_url=”” detail_text=”Spaghetti” mode=”static” static_number=”1378″ function_php=”” function_js=”” external_url=”” ]
[rockthemes_achievement number_color=”#ea6060″ text_color=”#787878″ icon_bg_color=”#ea6060″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_class=”icomoon icomoon-icon-cup” icon_url=”” detail_text=”Coffe Cups” mode=”static” static_number=”2785″ function_php=”” function_js=”” external_url=”” ]
[rockthemes_achievement number_color=”#4fc6f8″ text_color=”#787878″ icon_bg_color=”#4fc6f8″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_class=”icomoon icomoon-icon-news” icon_url=”” detail_text=”Code Lines” mode=”static” static_number=”104253″ function_php=”” function_js=”” external_url=”” ]


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