15th June 2017


Enterprise Mobility

Third Platform Technologies and Internet of Things are infiltrating into all industries with an irresistible force. As part of this trend, traditional sectors also have been transforming at a speed and depth as never seen before. Regardless of the business size, organisations have been facing challenges of uncertainties around the transformation of business philosophies, organizational forms, marketing, channels, products and various operation models.

With Grouper’s planning and business consultancy solutions, we team up with you to handle business IT and all aspects involved in your transformation along with your resource integration of platforms and corporate Eco-systems.

Grouper Technology’s Business Management Consultancy solutions are specifically built for organisations of the Internet era, particularly those from the traditional industries, to complete strategic innovation and transformation in the current connected world.


Grouper Technology team provide organisations that seek transforming their Technology and stack and ICT operation with management and advisory services in the following business scopes:

  • Business IT Alignment
  • Technology Strategy Alignment
  • Third Platform Technology and Service CRM
  • Cloud Computing, Infrastructure and Application Modernisation