15th June 2017


An Agile Business Process Management

In the modern world, Business Processes are part of organisations’ intangible assets, and such assets must be managed to maximize the return on investment, however, Business environments are constantly changing, and existing processes must also keep up with this rate of change to meet the clients’ requirements. Such processes require a penetrating view of business operations in order to drive continuous improvement. Grouper Technology’s Business Process Management solutions enable our clients to focus on differentiating their business functions while simultaneously control costs, identify the processes which require innovation, and, free-up valuable resources from labour-intensive procedures.

Grouper’s BPM services are underpinned by quality standards and processes, in-depth knowledge, innovative tools and expert resource management with the following core benefits:

Grouper’s High efficiency: We are driven by standardized processing technologies and follow industry standards principles and procedures.

Grouper’s Scalability: We create economies of scale by partnering and shaping your business process transformation methodologies.

Grouper’s Holistic approach: We are constantly learning from our Business Process Management experiences and share our best practices to create innovative solutions. Your business processed can be simplified by Grouper’s End-to-end capabilities.

Grouper Technology’s end-to-end business process management services span across process discovery, documentation, integration and automation in the following sectors:

Financial Services (Insurance, Banking, Accounting, and Human Resources)

Grouper’s BPM services offers finance business processes not only more efficient, but more transparent and agile. By partnering with Grouper you will be enabled to innovate where and when needed with the ability to rapidly adapt operations, improve control, customer service, and compliance processes. Grouper offers you’re the ability to create synergies between IT and Business Processes, reduce expense and gain the insight you need to stay competitive.

Healthcare Life Sciences

Offer your personnel the luxury of only focusing on their core responsibilities by partnering with Grouper and get optimal results from our subject matter experts with deep healthcare industry and technology expertise. Grouper can increase efficiency and improve your healthcare system accuracy during peak processing times without unnecessary procedures.

Retail and Manufacturing

Grouper’s offers agile BPM solutions to optimize productivity, improve performance and reduce time-to-market. By partnership with Grouper, you are guaranteed to stay one step ahead of retail clients and gain the ability to satisfy their market demands and customised preferences. Whether you in Retail or manufacturing, our team will optimize the management of your customer and perform various business analysis on the available market data you need. With Grouper Retail BPO solution make informed decisions leading to increased customer loyalty and improved efficiency.

Leisure & Hospitality, Travel & Transportation

Grouper offers BPO solutions to deliver unforgettable customer experience across the customer sales lifecycle, regardless of rapid changes to networks and global distribution channels. With extensive experience in Hospitality, transport and Tourism, Grouper will partner with you and help you get to the next level by managing and optimizing travel agent commissions, reducing data errors, mitigating risk, and improving the quality of your analytics.